Crime Alert – Packages Being Stolen off Porches

| December 10, 2011 | 0 Comments

A neighbor posted today on the NMCA facebook page about a crime issue. She wanted everyone to be aware that packages are being stolen from front porches on Randall Street. A $250 phone was delivered to her by Fed Ex and stolen in a matter of a few hours. Their neighbor also had a Kindle stolen on Wednesday. Thankfully, he got the perp on video. If a package is stolen off of your front porch PLEASE CALL THE POLICE. The woman doing this does so during the day, walks from house to house with a backpack or green shopping bags. She first says she means no harm and then asks to rake your lawn. These crimes have to come to a stop.

It’s up to us as good neighbors to be vigilant about strangers or suspicious behavior on our property or our neighbors. This is not unusual this time of year with more and more packages being delivered during the holidays. One way I used to get around this problem was to have packages delivered to my work address where someone was always there during the day to accept them.

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